Am I a Blogger?

In my lifetime I have been a daughter, sister, friend, student, mother, and a grandmother. But, am I blogger? I have been asking myself that question for several days and trying to decide if I have anything to blog about and whether or not anyone would be interested in reading it. I told my son I was thinking of writing a blog and he asked why, I didn’t really have a definitive answer for him except for that fact that 3 months ago I finished the requirements for my baccalaureate degree in nursing and I must be bored.

It took me 5 years to complete the degree and during that time I always had some assignment or project due on a weekly basis. Now I find myself kind of just drifting through my days. Of course I do work full time and my work can be challenging but when I leave work I leave it there. So now what, I need something to keep my mind busy. It must be something fun and something that I would be interested in doing.

My philosophy professor called me the class gadfly and initially I was insulted by the comment, but after investigating the definition I came to see myself as a sort of a gadfly in that I do tend to ask the questions that others in the room won’t ask or that can evoke change; for good of course and not just for my benefit but to benefit the group I represent as a whole.

Anyway, do I have something to write about and does any one want to read it? Am I a blogger…..stay tuned.


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